Aims & Objective


  • the fostering of creativity in new educational era;
  • the production of knowledge and of knowledgeable students;
  • the enhancement of understanding;
  • the promotion of moral thinking, feeling, and action;
  • the enlargement of the imagination self-realization;
  • the cultivation of “liberally educated” persons;
  • the overcoming of provincialism and close-mindedness;
  • the development of sound judgment;
  • the cultivation of docility and obedience to authority;
  • the fostering of autonomy;
  • the maximization of freedom, happiness, or self-esteem;
  • the fostering of feelings of community, social solidarity, citizenship, and civic-mindedness;
  • the production of good citizens; the “civilizing” of students;
  • the protection of students from the deleterious effects of civilization;
  • the integration or balancing of the needs and interests of the individual student and the larger society;
  • the fostering of skills and dispositions constitutive of rationality or critical thinking.


Annex EducationTM Private Limited is a complete training organization for IT, Management and various technical courses with the aim of providing quality education to its learners to take up their tomorrow’s better with a challenge in growing needs of market specially, in IT & Management.

We like to contribute to the economic and cultural life of India through the promotion and advancement of lifelong learning within educational institutions in India and elsewhere;